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Budgeting and Cash Flow

TF Accountants is an independent business and tax advisory firm based in Melbourne's CBD. We pride ourselves on providing high quality strategic advice for small to medium businesses.

We understand the importance of having an advisor working with you which is why we are always looking for opportunities for our clients with more proactive advice. With over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge of a wide range of industries, we have the expertise to assist you in maximising your tax deductions and improving your business.


Budgeting and Forecasting

Running a business often means planning and reviewing the finances of the business to measure performance. What we often find is that small business owners have no plan to push themselves to succeed let alone gauge performance.

A budget allows a business owner to carefully plan expenditure, looking for areas of overspending and looking for areas of improvement. A business owner can review a budget to see where their business is at maximum capacity in terms of internal resources and what an additional person can add to the business.


Importance of Strong Cash flow

Having strong cash flow is one of the most important aspects in business. It is a key aspect in reviewing the liquidity of a business. Positive cash flow refers to having more cash coming in than is going out. Negative Cashflow refers to the opposite.


Cash is king

In business, having strong cash flow can make or break a business hence the expression Cash is King! Business failure is often attributed to the mismanagement of cash flow which is why it is importance to have a sound cash flow forecast. Sudden changes to planned revenue or expenditure can be managed through forward planning using a cash flow forecasting tool in excel or other forecasting software. A cash flow forecast can help business owners to:

• Identifying potential shortfalls in cash balances in advance

• Identify areas that can improve the cash flow

• Ensuring businesses can meet their financial obligations in relation to suppliers and employees.

• Appropriate working capital management allowing for a more streamlined approach.


How TF Accountants can help?

TF Accountants have over 20 years of combined experience in assisting small to medium business owners grow and manage their businesses. We have implemented budgets and forecasts for a range of clients in different industries. We have also assisted clients improve the cash flow of their business via changes in debt collection policies, financing arrangements and other modifications to the way they get paid. If you would like to book a free, no obligation discussion with one of our partners, call the office on (03) 9988 1900 or contact us here.

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